Membership January – June 2022


If you are renewing your Membership, it is not necessary to fill in your Contact Information unless there are changes from 2020-2021. All new members need to provide this information.


The personal information collected is for the use of the Guild only. The Kanata Quilt Guild (KQG) will not sell, rent, lend, give, or otherwise provide this information to any external persons or organizations for any purpose whatsoever without prior consent nor will the information be used for solicitation purposes not associated with Guild business. A Membership Directory will be distributed to all KQG members in October 2022. The Directory will include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Please read the following statements and indicate your agreement by clicking below (leave blank if you disagree and click the last box).


Please choose one of the following options for your Membership Fee and/or Membership Fee with Draw Tickets. The membership fee for the remainder of January - June 2022 is set to $20.00 for the year (September 2021 - June 2022). If you are joining later in the year, it may be better to pay a $5.00 visitor fee for the remaining months. These can be paid in advance.
We are offering you the opportunity to purchase tickets for our Monthly draws where you could win a $75 gift certificate to a local quilt store and tickets to win one of our Special draws ($150 gift certificate to a local quilt store in December, April, and June). Tickets are $5.00 per draw, with 5 monthly draws (February - June) and 2 special draws (April and June) that is 7 draws in total. They can be purchased now in addition to your Membership Fee of $20.00.
You will receive a confirmation email once you click on Submit with a reminder of how to pay for your membership (instructions below). Your membership will be complete, once payment has been received.