Kanata Quilt Guild

Welcome Flyer and Membership Reminder

Join Us on September 10th

We are thrilled to see so many people returning to our guild.  It is difficult to design and plan activities when we cannot meet together, but we think we have an exciting year ahead!  We have  speakers from Manitoba, California, Australia, Connecticut and Ontario, and a few more as well.  All fascinating!  All on ZOOM!

Attached is the Welcome Flyer that you normally get at the beginning of the September meeting. It lists most of the guild activities for the coming year and most of our set of Canadian and International speakers!  We hope there is something here for everyone and that you will enjoy the year!

Also attached is the Membership form for those who have not joined us for 2020/2021 yet.  

If you haven’t already signed up, we hope you will in the next few days.  We have lowered the annual fee to $25.00 as we do not have to pay any rent this year.  And we are offering three prizes to draw from all the renewed and new members who sign up by September 8.  This year, you can buy your draw tickets at the beginning of the year.  See all the contents of the 5 bimonthly draws attached below.  And we have set up the capacity for e transfers to make your lives even simpler. All the details are on the membership form.  Act fast if you wish to be part of the Member’s directory distributed in October based on membership as of September.

When you send in the membership form, be sure to check all the boxes that you have read and abide by our membership rules.

We hope you will join us soon. Looking forward to renewing our friendships, Leslie, Liz, Lynn, Dianne, Judith, Pauline, Debby and Brigid

Membership Form

Welcome Flyer

Raffle basket details


AGM – Constitution proposal & PDF Membership Form

Good afternoon everyone. 

Please note, an error occurred in loading the membership form earlier, enclosed is a PDF version of the form.  If you have already renewed your membership, no further action is required on your part.  We apologize for the oversight.

As you know, we postponed our annual General Meeting when we could not meet in May 2020.  The AGM will be held at the beginning of our virtual Guild Meeting on September 10, 2020.  We hold AGMs to review the program and activities of the guild, preview the program for the following year, and consider any changes we require to our constitution – Who We Are and How We Work.   The Executive has one item that needs to be changed in our constitution and it is explained in the attached document.  We are looking for your support to make this amendment in September.  According to our constitution, members need to have the proposed amendment 28 days before the AGM.

If you have any other agenda items for the AGM, please contact Leslie at lesliewhitby6@gmail.com.  

Sincerely, Leslie, Liz, Lynn, Dianne, Judith and Pauline
Constitution change proposal
Membership Form – PDF

We want you back!

We want you back!

With the COVID 19 situation still continuing in our region, the Kanata Quilt Guild will be moving its meetings to the ZOOM platform until we can safely meet in person.  Our meetings will be held on the usual days – second Thursday of the month – and time (9:30 am).  We will be broadcasting from our homes to yours.   The Executive and the Program Volunteers are working to bring you some exciting and different speakers as we search North America for interesting presentations.  And we are doing this to entice you to remain as members and keep our guild as vibrant as it has been.

Attached is the new Membership form for 2020-2021.  You will see that we have reduced the membership fee to $25.00 for the year as we do not have to pay rentals on the church or legion.  Plus we have arranged to accept this fee by e transfer, but you can send a cheque if you wish.  The details for both methods are on the membership form. 

We also ask you to accept that if we do meet in person, it will be using the guidance from the ON Government and the Ottawa Public Health agency.  To entice you further, we are offering 3 gift certificates to 3 members who register by September 7, Labour Day.  We will do the draw live on our September ZOOM meeting and will arrange to send the prizes to the winners.  

One of the fun things we did as a group was our regular and special draws.  And we have a system in place to continue this.  You can buy tickets for each of the 5 special draws we have planned for 2020-2021, by adding $25 to your membership e transfer.  This gives you one ticket for each of the 5 special draws (Tickets are $5 each.). You can buy more than one ticket per draw if you wish.  The draws will be done live on ZOOM and volunteers will deliver the prizes.  A complete list of the items included in each special draw is attached.   

We were all new to ZOOM when we went into isolation and many of us have had to learn ZOOM to contact our families (we do a weekly games night with all the grandkids), talk to our quilting friends, and organize the next year for the guild.  It is not complicated and is easy to learn.  Do you want to have a mini tutorial on how to use ZOOM before we start our meetings?  If so, please send a note to Leslie at lesliewhitby6@gmail.com to request one and she will organize small group sessions at the beginning of September.  A ZOOM account is not needed to join us, a link to the meeting will be sent to all 2019/2020 members for the September meeting and to all 2020 members in the following months.  Who knows, you may just want to set up your own ZOOM account and contact all your friends!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in September, Leslie, Liz, Lynn, Dianne, Pauline, Judith, Debby and Brigid
Membership Form
Draw Basket Information

2019-2020 Program Cancelled

Good morning everyone.  What a difference a month makes.  I want to thank you all for doing your part to keep each of us and our community as safe as we can.  I think it is so interesting how everyone is expressing their appreciation for each other, their friends, their neighbours and  their community.  I love seeing the banner “Apart but not Alone”  to remember we are part of a community that works together. And I cannot believe how many face masks you have all made and given away!

But time is marching on and one day dissolves into another, and I have to check my computer to recall what day it really is.  At least, we quilters have something we love doing to keep us alert and active. And I have loved looking at your projects on social media.  I have made a huge dent in all my UFOs by bribing myself that I can start 2 new projects if I get others done first.  I have no idea when I thought these would ever get finished and it is a good feeling.

It is mid April and we have to make a decision about  the rest of our quilting year.  We have the guidance on social distancing that we have all been following, but there is also guidance to businesses and organizations about measures they should take.  It looks like we cannot hold any large gatherings until at least the end of June. And I am not sure that the Public Health folks would recognize quilting as an essential service!  So the KQG Exec has taken the decision to cancel our meetings and activities for the rest of the year.  We hope to work over the summer to have a great program for you starting in September if we can all bring this virus under control. We will hold the September meeting taking all actions necessary to stay safe and healthy, so make a mask to wear! 

A Note from the Glen Cairn United Church:  These are strange times, indeed. As you shelter in place, please know we are sending prayers your way and that we hope to see you all again soon. And if any of you are ever interested in attending our online 10:00 am Sunday worship service with Rev. Elaine Beattie, please feel welcome to check out our website at gcuc.ca for more details.
Hopefully, by September,  we can get together to see what we have all been up to for all this time.  A huge Show and Tell Meeting maybe?
Stay Safe and Sew On!  Leslie, Liz, Lynn, Dianne, Pauline, Judith and Debby