Shop of the Month – January

Hi Everyone,   our shop of the month, Quilters Barn and Gifts has offered Kanata Guild members a discount code and it was not spelled correctly in the chat today.  You will get the proper discount code on Sunday with the Sew Day reminder.  If you remember the two words provided, type them with no caps and no spaces, or contact Beth at the store and she’ll be happy to assist you.  Beth sends her sincere apologies for the confusion.   

Start thinking Christmas Giving!

Our Christmas Campaign is virtual again this year… it will be like Christmas all through October, November and December! To continue our long-standing tradition of giving at our December meetings to both the Shepherds of Good Hope (hats, mitts, socks, etc.) and the Kanata Food Cupboard (food drive), we have set up a fundraising campaign with Canada Helps. Instead of collecting food and clothing, we will be donating directly to these two worthy causes again this year. We have selected the Christmas Hamper Drive for the Kanata Food Cupboard and the Emergency Fund for Shepherds.

We hope you will help us to contribute to our charities by donating using the Canada Helps link below.   The link will be posted on our website and help us reach our goal by sharing this great initiative with family and friends.

As part of our charity initiative, the Guild will donate $500.00 to the Kanata Food Cupboard and $300.00 to the Shepherds of Good Hope. There will also be a donation jar set up at our sew days in October and November for donations to the food bank.

The campaign is set to run until December 15th, we will announce our progress at the November and December meetings. 

Click here to access our Canada Helps campaign.