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The KQG Draws are “drawing” nearer!

We are just weeks away from the KQG  September 2021 monthly meeting. Feels like life is getting back to some semblance of normalcy, well maybe just a wee bit.  

In the June newsletter there was an article about the 2021-22 term and the changes that will be made to better facilitate the draw process so it could return to its normal schedule of a monthly and a Special draw.  And then, at the August executive meeting, thanks to YOUR ongoing support the Executive decided that the draws were doing so well, they “doubled the number of draws”!  Music to our ears, so we doubled down on our efforts.  We are dealing with Ottawa and surrounding area quilt stores to allow for ease of accessibility as COVID continues to dampen our plans to travel further afield, for now.  Should there be a significant change for the better, we will widen our circle to include stores on the St. Lawrence Seaway and in-between.

The name of the store will be revealed at the time a winner is chosen – 2 monthly draws of gift certificates at $75.00 each from September 2021 to June 2022 inclusive; 3 Special draws of 2 gift certificates at $150.00 each in December 2021, and April and June 2022.  The winners and the stores names will be published in the following month’s KQG newsletter.  The winner will receive the certificate by mail or if close by, it will be hand delivered following COVID protocols.

As we are picking up the gift certificates it is hard not to drool over the new stock that is arriving.  Yes, a bit of shopping takes place at the same time.  After all, one never has enough fabric on hand!

Please support our Ottawa and area quilt stores.  

Happy shopping!

Iwona Mooney, Joan Armstrong, Nancy Maloney

Charity Quilts
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