A Quiltie is a little bit of heaven to a newborn and a great way to contribute to our community!  They are intended as a gift for new parents to wrap their babies with and take them home.  

Interested in making a quiltie?   This is a small baby quilt, the size should be between 24-26″ square.

Suggested tips for construction of the quilties is as follows:

    • 100% cotton top and 100% flannelette backs
    • Cotton thread
    • Batting should not be polyester
    • Minimal quilting to keep the quiltie soft
    • Binding can be standard or envelope/pillowcase style
    • Fabrics should be baby appropriate, fun & cheerful, however, no sparkles, glitter or invisible thread as these pose risks to the babies – most of all, have Fun!!  
    • Labels are added at time of delivery – we have Kanata Guild pre-printed labels 

Last year Kanata Quilt Guild donated over 500 quilties to the nursery at the Queensway Carleton Hospital.   

As with last year, we will be doing curbside pickup/drop off.  Details will be available at our next meeting and in the newsletter.  Feel free to contact quilties@kanataquiltguild.com to arrange drop off of items.

Have fun making these!  


Here are some patterns used in previous years.  But wait! Don’t stop at these examples, feel free to try new blocks or an old favourite to make into one of these lovely little quilts!  At 24″ square, that’s only four 12″ blocks, or one large 16″-18″ block with a couple of borders.  Maybe dig through your orphan blocks, and see how you can convert those to a beautiful little quiltie.  

Pattern Downloads

Quiltie Pattern (September 2018) – Tumbling block Frame

Quiltie Pattern (October 2018) – Square in Diamond

Quiltie Pattern (November 2018) – Friendship star

Quiltie Pattern (December 2018) – Hot Air Balloon

Quiltie Pattern (January 2019) – Candy Stripe Hearts

Quiltie Pattern (February 2019) — Storm at Sea

Quiltie Pattern (March 2019) –  6 1/2″ Four patch

Quiltie Pattern (April 2019) – Fan Flower

Quiltie Pattern (May 2019) – Key Lime Pie